What do you get when a first home buyer has trouble looking for their first home? When I realised that looking for my first home what a time consuming process it involved, I thought there had to be a better way. With the introduction of Google Earth, looking at houses with a birds eye view, there was no current way of finding what houses were for sale, and more importantly how much they cost.

So for several months I would manually add any new houses for sale, and mark them in Google Earth. After many months, and still trying to make that deposit larger I had to make it an easier process. So I created this web site: Suburb View http://www.suburbview.com

A basic description of the site is that it's an Australian Real Estate Search Engine, where found results are displayed in Google Earth and also on the Google Map. The way it works is you search for a Suburb, and if the site doesn't have any results it will get them in less than 24hrs, and old results are updated after 5 days.

I hope you get as much use out of this site as I do when looking for property. Any feedback or constructive criticism is always welcome : contact @ suburbview.com

Suburb View Australia http://www.suburbview.com

Suburb View New Zealand http://www.suburbview.co.nz

Old Australian Real Estate Listings http://www.oldlistings.com.au