Q) What is Suburb View?

A) Suburb View is an Australian based real estate search engine, where found listings are displayed in Google Earth.

It searches for the generic property listings to find the following information :

  • Listed Price
  • Address
  • Rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Car spaces
  • Building Size
  • Property Size

Only Property Listings with an Address are displayed, and a link to the Real estate site is provided.

Update to the Suburb View Real Estate Search Engine : http://www.suburbview.com/blog/update-suburb-view-real-estate-search-engine

Q) Is Suburb View affiliated with any of the Property sites it links to?

A) No.

Q) How do I search for a suburb?

A) 1)You can browse for the suburbs using the Google Map on the site, and browsing the surrounding suburbs.

2) Search for the suburb on the top right of the page.

3) Use the "Search" Link.

Q) The site doesn't list a suburb?

A) Use the "Contact" link, and tell me which Suburb is missing, and I will update the database.

Q) How does it get the Locations of the listings?

A) Site uses geocoding from Google. So if an address is found it will be displayed on Google Earth.

Q) How are the results in Google Earth Displayed?

A) The listings are displayed as a Yellow number representing the number of rooms, and the price of the listing. A green tree will be display if no rooms are found in the listing.

Clicking on the listing will display Rooms, Bathrooms, Car spaces, Building size, Property size, and Links to the found real estate sites.

The prices are grouped together in the $100,000's. So you can easily hide the price ranges you don't want to see.

Q) Some of the prices are listed wrong, why is that?

A) Every attempt is made to find the listed price in the listing. Sometimes more than one price is listed. If you believe the wrong price is listed, Please let me know : contact @ suburbview.com, and I will fix the listing.

Q) Some of the Addresses are appearing wrong in Google earth, why is that?

A) Please let me know : contact @ suburbview.com listing the suburb. Although every attempt is made to list the correct address there may be some variations with the results.

Q) How often are the Suburbs searched?

A) The Suburbs are searched on user driven results. If a Suburb isn't listed it will be searched for within 24hrs. Updates are made when search results are over 5 days old.

Q) What are the Map Icon Colours?


Got a question? Let me know : contact @ suburbview.com